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Each of the teleconferences listed below have been approved for 1 CFP continuing education credit. All of our seminars are archived after the event date. If you are interested in attending an upcoming live teleconference or listening to an archived seminar, please contact our firm at 334-699-2323.

2013 Seminars

  1. January 15, 2013: Collaborating to Make the Modern Estate Plan Work
  2. February 12, 2013: Using Trusts to Asset Protect Inherited IRAs
  3. March 19, 2013: Alaska Community Property Trusts
  4. April 2012: TBA

Archived Seminars

  1. Mar 2006: Reframing Your Practice: The Thriving Model
  2. Apr 2006: Combining Trusts and 529 Plans to Fund Higher Education
  3. Mar 2006: Using Family Limited Partnerships and LLCs as a Financials Tool
  4. Jun 2006: An Inheritor's Trust: Creating Asset Protection for Future Inheritances
  5. Jul 2006: Innovative Income Tax Planning Using Estate Planning Concepts
  6. Aug 2006: The WealthCounsel Advisors Forum Study Group Model
  7. Sep 2006: Creating a Family Legacy with Life Insurance
  8. Oct 2006: IRA Annuitization: Creating a Guaranteed Income Stream for Retirement and a Tax-Free Asset for Beneficiaries
  9. Nov 2006: Congress Giveth and Congress Taketh Away
  10. Dec 2006: Capital Gains Avoidance with Alaska Community Property Trusts
  11. Jan 2007: Stretch IRAs: Keeping RMDs to a Minimum
  12. Feb 2007: A Practical Guide to Asset Protecting IRAs and Qualified Plans
  13. Mar 2007: Charitable Planning with IRAs and Qualified Plans
  14. Apr 2007: Planning for Seniors with Existing Life Insurance in a World of Uncertain Exemptions
  15. May 2007: Practical Applications for Charitable Lead Trusts
  16. Jun 2007: Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) - An Overlooked Planning Opportunity
  17. Jul 2007: Combining FLPs with GRATs, Defective Trusts, IRAs and Life Insurance
  18. Aug 2007: Fixing Common Problems with Life Insurance & Life Insurance Trusts
  19. Sep 2007: 1031 vs. Charitable Remainder Trust: Which is Preferable for Deferring Gain on Real Property?
  20. Oct 2007: Trusts: Your Powerful Tool for Client Satisfaction and Retention
  21. Nov 2007: Making Medicaid Planning a Profitable Part of Your Practice
  22. Dec 2007: A Business Owner's Exist Strategy - Using Bank-Funded Life Insurance for Retirement
  23. Jan 2008: Exciting New Opportunities in Business Succession Planning
  24. Feb 2008: Planning for Special Needs Beneficiaries
  25. Mar 2008: Opportunities in Planning for Unmarried Couples
  26. Apr 2008: Understanding the Opportunities in Planning for the Elderly
  27. May 2008: Income Tax Rules Every Wealth Planner Should Know
  28. Jun 2008: Practical Applications of Deferred Compensation
  29. Jul 2008: Everyday Applications for Section 1035 Transfers
  30. Aug 2008: The Use of Captive Insurance in Estate and Business Planning
  31. Sep 2008: Final Expense Trusts - What are they and why should you care?
  32. Oct 2008: Real Estate Integrated Financial Solutions - How to provide and enhance lifestyle, giving and estate planning opportunities for Mom & Pop to the Mega-Wealthy
  33. Nov 2008: Planning for Farmers
  34. Dec 2008: Lies and Life Insurance Illustrations
  35. Jan 2009: Using Safe Withdrawal Rates to Discuss the Bear Market's Impact: Can Your Clients Still Afford to Retire
  36. Feb 2009: Solidifying the Investment Advisor Relationship through Creative Trust Planning
  37. Mar 2009: Planning Opportunities Under the Economic Stimulus Package
  38. Apr 2009: Education Funding Alternatives
  39. May 2009: Implementing Non-Qualified Plans for Key Employees and Employers
  40. Jun 2009: Paying for Large Insurance Premiums
  41. Jul 2009: Life Insurance Trusts - Continuing Relevance for You & Your Clients
  42. Aug 2009: The Continuing Usefulness of GRATs
  43. Sep 2009: Introduction to Planning for and Marketing to Physicians
  44. Oct 2009: Back-loaded and Other Practical Uses for Charitable Lead Trusts (CLT's)
  45. Nov 2009: Asset Protecting IRAs - including Inherited IRAs - with Retirement Trusts
  46. Dec 2009: Planning Opportunities Created by Roth IRA Conversions
  47. Jan 2010: The Tiered Systematic Approach for Implimenting Estate Planning Services for Physicians and Dentists
  48. Feb 2010: Interest Rate Sensitive Strategies
  49. Mar 2010: Deferred Compensation
  50. Apr 2010: Special Needs Planning for More Affluent Families
  51. May 2010: Top Ten Ways to Avoid Trust & Estate Litigation, or Getting that 3AM Call
  52. Jun 2010: Understanding Business Transfer Motives
  53. Jul 2010: Current Tax Planning to Avoid the Future Health Care 3.8% "Surtax"
  54. Aug 2010: Understanding the Issues of Transferring a Business to Family Members
  55. Sep 2010: Understanding the Issues of Transferring a Business to Charity
  56. Oct 2010: Understanding the Issues of Transferring a Business to Key Employees
  57. Nov 2010: Understanding the Issues of Transferring a Business to Co-Owners
  58. Dec 2010:
  59. Jan 2011: Creating Value for Clients with ILITs - a Team Approach
  60. Feb 2011: Attorneys and Financial Advisors Working Together on LLCs
  61. Mar 2011: Trust Protectors
  62. Apr 2011: Harnessing the Power of Trusts to Grow Your Practice
  63. May 2011: Charitable Planning
  64. Jun 2011: Income Tax Planning Concepts
  65. Jul 2011: Special Trusts
  66. Aug 2011: Trustee Selection for Irrevocable Trusts
  67. Sep 2011: Martial Deduction Planning
  68. Oct 2011: Asset Protection
  69. Nov 2011: Retirement Planning
  70. Dec 2011: Continuum of Care - Client Update Meetings
  71. Jan 2012: Paying for College - Including What to Do with Over-Funded UGMA/UTMA Accounts
  72. Feb 2012: What is Estate Planning? Wills vs. Trusts
  73. Mar 2012: Using Advanced Irrevocable Trusts
  74. Apr 2012: Understanding Practice/Business Transition Planning for Financial Advisors
  75. May 2012: Planning for Advanced Asset Protection
  76. Jun 2012: Estate Planning for Disability
  77. Jul 2012: Family Business Transition Case Study
  78. Aug 2012: How to Talk to Prospective Clients About Estate Planning
  79. Sep 2012: Uncovering Charitable Planning Opportunities
  80. Oct 2012: Motivating the Undead: Getting a Business Owner to Plan Succession
  81. Nov 2012: Virgin Islands Advantage
  82. Dec 2012: What the Election Results Mean for the Estate Planning Community

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